What Are the Earliest Signs of the women being Pregnant with Twins?


Early pregnancy signs that you may experience if you’re having twins, obviously everyone is different and not everyone has these symptoms people have different symptoms some people will be lucky and have no symptoms at all, unfortunately, that was not me, some people may have these symptoms but only be having a singleton pregnancy so this is just personal to me and the different symptoms I had in my twin pregnancy my current pregnancy as opposed to my two single pregnancies so and let’s get started.

There are 8 signs tell you if you are twin pregnant.

1. ITCHY Skin

My first ever pregnancy symptom, so when I was literally four weeks pregnant, I literally found out I had the most bizarre symptom and my skin was so  itchy and now I know this can also mean there’s an issue with your liver I think but I didn’t have that because I had my blood tested but my skin it was so itchy to the point I’d have like scratch marks over my skin, I don’t know why maybe it was some kind of hormone related I never ever had that most in singleton pregnancy only in my twin pregnancy and I just felt like different straight away from before words pregnant  like this is really bizarre, why everything is so itchy my mouth was also full of ulcers and so I thought oh my goodness and I got low iron because that is the sign of low I and I went to my blood tested and I didn’t have low iron I don’t have any liver issues so I’m guessing it might have just been hormone related and because when you are pregnant with twins you do have pretty much double the amount of hormones that you would in a singleton pregnancy so maybe it’s something to do with that I don’t know you will never know that is.

2. Bubble Feeling

The next thing that I felt was different but I put this down to be my third pregnancy is that even from four to five weeks pregnant when I let down and lay on my side I could feel like a bubble,  like you know what you do when you’re pregnant but that doesn’t come until a bit later on but literally at four to five weeks pregnant I could feel like a bubble in my stomach like something was there something was getting bigger already and I thought that’s just because it was my third pregnancy and you know you get bigger quicker and I thought that must be why that must be it but whether it is down to my third pregnancy or whether it is because I’m carrying twins who know but I definitely could feel like something getting bigger already.

3. Tender Breasts

I also had very sore and tender breasts I had this in my first and second pregnancies, as well but I must say it was worse in my third pregnancy they were very sore and very tender it’s kind of getting better, now 915 weeks they’re not so bad but those first few weeks at first trimester they were very tender.

4. Horrible Taste

When I’m around six weeks pregnant, my sickness usually starts, it didn’t  singleton pregnancies and twin pregnancy was certainly no different but what was different in my twin pregnancy was six weeks hit and I had the most I still do disgusting pregnancy taste in my mouth and I can’t describe what this is but if you’ve had it you will know some people describe it as a metal I don’t know it to me it’s not like a metal  taste,  but I know that that is what some people do describe it as it’s just a horrible taste in your mouth that just sends your taste buds completely off and I thought this has been like trebled in my twin pregnancy in my singleton pregnancies it was bad but I could kind of deal with it whereas this I’m like I have to brush my teeth so many times a day.

5. Exhausted

I have also been absolutely exhausted in the first trimester, like 10 times more exhausted than I was in my singleton pregnancies I remember in most singleton pregnancies,  I had Jensen in my second pregnancy and I remember saying to my husband just one night I’m so tired do you mind if I go to bed it was like seven o’clock he was like no that’s fine and that happened once but in my twin pregnancy literally every single night in my first trimester, I was asleep as soon as the boy went to sleep I was like right, I literally cannot stay awake any longer I was just as zapped of my energy I felt so weak so tired so sick and that was definitely so much worse in my twin pregnancy I’m still not fully out of that now although I’m in my second trimester unfortunately for me the twin kind of symptoms are lingering around a little bit longer than they would usually and singleton pregnancy so I’m still feeling pretty rough I still feel like I’m in my first trimester and I’m hoping week by week I’ll get better but who knows that yeah the tiredness is crazy and definitely for me it was so much worse in my twin pregnancy.

6. Sickness

Now as I mentioned I’ve had sickness, I still do have sickness us another symptom of a twin pregnancy is sickness; I have sickness in both of my singleton pregnancies so I would I wasn’t you know I was hoping I might you know skip it but no, it is definitely here and apparently you’re meant to get it worse in a twin pregnancy I wouldn’t say mine has been worse because I was so sick with my singleton pregnancies, it’s just lasted a hell of a lot longer for me in my singleton pregnancies it was gone by 12 weeks but no here we are at 15 weeks I’m still being sick I still feel so rotten yes a for me it’s just lasted so much longer but I know that for some people they don’t get any sickness and singleton pregnancies and then a mega sick and twin pregnancies but it can also be other way around but your hormone levels are double in a twin pregnancy, the hormone that doesn’t make you sick so that is why you may feel more sick in a twin pregnancy so I’m really hoping soon my hormone levels kind of even out a bit and that’s it cool room that you get at the start kind of gets a bit lower but we’ll see but yeah sickness in a twin pregnancy is horrendous.

7. Heartburn and indigestion

I’ve also had the worst heartburn and indigestion in my first trimester now that usually doesn’t come until the third trimester in a pregnancy but with my twin pregnancy I’ve literally had heartburn and indigestion from six weeks pregnant, it is horrendous and as well as the sickness it is one of the worst symptoms I have got it is awful and to help I am one of measure pearl which definitely helps it does help but doesn’t take it away a hundred percent by the evening I am just so like gassed up, it’s horrible, so I’m really hoping that might go away soon I didn’t have it half as bad on my singleton pregnancy so heartburn indigestion is hard work in a twin pregnancy you were also more likely to bleed in a twin pregnancy now I did read up on this and there is some kind of stats I don’t have them to hand but I believe it’s like maybe 30% of women carrying twins will experience some kind of spotting during their pregnancy I definitely have that is the reason I actually found out I was having twins is I started bleeding it was old brown blood but I have had red blood as well as all been checked out it’s all fine but yeah in my singleton pregnancies my first singleton pregnancy I had no bleeding in my second singleton pregnancy I had a very little amount of brown spotting but in my twin pregnancy I have had quite a lot more I’m not sure what the reason for that is but there’s definitely some statistics out there that you are more susceptible to that during a twin pregnancy so yeah I have definitely been susceptible to that.

8. Showing sooner

You may also show earlier on in a twin pregnancy quite a lot of people that are carrying twins won’t find out until their 12-week scan unless you have a bleed or something like I did obviously because this is the third pregnancy I’ve been showing quicker anyway so I’m not sure whether if your twin pregnancy was the first pregnancy you would show quicker I don’t know if you experience that let me know but I’ve shown a lot quicker and I am a lot to pick up there I was in my previous pregnancies so as I’ve been talking about might win at pregnancy so much I thought.

I am very grateful and very blessed that I’m carrying twins I didn’t want this to come across as if I’m moaning I’m just being honest about the symptoms you may experience if you are carrying twins so I’m hoping that I have a better second and third trimester although I’m already on my second trimester then I have first but you know who knows I just have to get on with it like I am now and keep coping with the symptoms like I am but thank you so much for reading  I hope you enjoyed it.