Top 10 Quarterbacks in NFL History


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The A/R NFL area recently is sure to lead you to a debate about who is the greatest quarterback in NFL time. This is my opinion on the debate.

10. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is easily in every debate about one of the best quarterbacks in football in the present. Manning is a great leader and has led his team to seven consecutive 12 winning seasons.

Manning is the holder of the NFL record for the most consecutive years with more than 4000 yards of passing, and also the most seasons total that has 4,000 or more yards of passing. Manning is also the second-highest efficiency rating ever.

Additionally, the player has his own NFL record for most consecutive seasons, with more than 25 touchdowns. He has accomplished this feat 11 times.

Manning is most famously known for his role in calling play calls on his own. Manning is extremely efficient in this role, and along with Peyton Manning, the Colts are the top 3rd and 4th-down squad in the NFL currently.

Manning is ranked the 10th overall despite these statistics; Manning has only had one Super Bowl win. Considering that Manning has had an incredible nine seasons of playoff appearances, he’s been criticized for his failure in the biggest game.

9. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the most remarkable quarterback in football today. He had won 3 Super Bowl championships before he was 26. In two of those games, he has been awarded the honor of being named Super Bowl MVP.

Brady broke Bart Starr’s record of having won 10 straight playoff matches. Brady also has the most passes completed in the Super Bowl of any quarterback in football history. In just four games, he’s made 100 of his passes.

Tom Brady has only lost one game throughout his 85 attempts, during which his team held the lead at some time during the game’s last quarter (during the season’s regular seasons).

Unfortunately for Brady, the most recent memory of him was losing his place in the Super Bowl after an undefeated season and the Spygate scandal. If he returns in the next two seasons in his normal level of play, he’ll be able to climb this list.

8. Bart Starr

Bart Starr was one of the most precise and reliable quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. Starr led his squad to 5 NFL Championships and two Super Bowls.

He was the top player in the NFL in passer ratings five times, and only Young has surpassed that mark.

When you think of Starr, it is important to remember that he was a player in an era with more of an offensive and passing game. Despite this, he is one of the top players in NFL time.

Starr was a lousy head coach.

7. Steve Young

Steve Young is often underrated because he played his entire career within the shadows of Joe Montana, who appears to be a bit further down the list. His lackluster performance towards the start of his career caused many to underestimate this quarterback.

A few of my previous picks would have mentioned that Young has several records for passing. Besides, Young enjoyed four straight seasons during which Young led the league in passing rpm. He was in the top 100 players during each of those seasons.

Young also ran for 43 touchdowns in his career, which is an incredible number for quarterbacks.

Young might be the most precise player in the time of the NFL.

6. Otto Graham

It’s not easy to accept. I am an avid Steelers supporter, and he’s the Browns quarterback.

Graham leads his team to an un-freaking-believable six straight NFL championship games and four straight AAFC championships. This is ten consecutive championship games, and it’s still hard to believe I’m saying this.

He took home seven of the games.

Graham was a professional passer with a rating of 86.6, which was the highest mark for a quarterback before that time of live balls. His average yards per try are nine; this is the highest ever recorded in NFL history.

He is sixth in the rankings as a large portion of his career was in the less prestigious AAFC. His numbers decreased significantly after moving to the NFL and, as a result, probably wouldn’t be as impressive had all of his careers been spent there.

5. John Elway

Throughout 234 matches, John Elway threw for 51.475 yards, 300 TDs, and 226 interceptions. He also ran 774 times and gained 407 yards and 33 TDs.

Elway has won two Super Bowls playing for the Broncos and appeared in a few others.

The reason Elway ranks in my top five is due to the way he took the win. Elway is famous for his winning late-game drives, and his clutch performance has contributed to his rise to the ranks of legendary players of the past.

4. Johnny Unitas

A Golden Arm record of playing 47 consecutive games that have an on-the-go pass is an amazing achievement.

Unitas made his NFL record for the most Pro-Bowl appearances, and Favre only surpasses his record.

Unitas was a part of what was dubbed the Greatest Game Ever Played. He was the captain of his team that helped defeat the well-liked Giants during overtime.

As of 1959, Unitas had thrown for 32 touchdowns. The entire season was twelve games, which would translate to approximately 42 touchdown passes if he continued his current pace throughout today’s 16-game schedule.

It’s not the current record; however, considering that in 1959 playing football, it was more difficult to become a successful quarterback, their feat is remarkable.

Unitas helped his team win three championship games throughout his time in the league.

3. Dan Marino

Dan Marino is quite possibly the greatest quarterback in NFL history of the sport. If you study statistics, Marino is in the second spot in the following:

Most Attempts, Career: 8,358

Most Completions, Career: 4,967

Most Yards Passing, Career: 61,361

Most Touchdown Passes, Career: 420

Most Touchdown Passes, Season: 48

The majority of seasons with 3,000 or more yards Passing 13 (1984-92 1997-98, 1994-95 1997-98)

Most Consecutive Seasons: at least 3,000 yards passing 9 (1984-92)

In most games, three or more touchdown passes. Career Score: 62

Lowest Percentage, Passes Intercepted, Rookie Season: 2.03 in 1983 (296-6)

His name is in the top spot in many other statistical categories; however, the reason why I picked the category the second place he occupied is that even in the categories where his records were broken, the player who was capable of achieving all of them.

This means that, even though he could be second in various categories, not one player can surpass him in all of them to be considered better.

Additionally, in the many categories in which he has been outclassed, those who have surpassed him have two advantages: longer careers and better teams around them throughout his career.

The sole reason Marino isn’t the first player on my list is obvious: he didn’t win the championship. If Marino had even won one Super Bowl, I would consider him the best quarterback in football history.

2. Terry Bradshaw

The Blond Bomber is my No. 2 overall choice. I might get some criticism on this choice, but I’ll admit that I’m a little biased in my decision. Here’s my reasoning behind this choice.

When Bradshaw started his career, the team he was playing with was terrible. The Steelers were bad before Chuck Noll. Awful.

He was expected to be the leader of this team, and even though this shouldn’t raise questions about his skills, he was required to do it with various mental ailments.

Bradshaw broke numerous records in passing during his career, scoring nine touchdowns and 932 yards during the Super Bowls in four games. Bradshaw also threw 3,833 yards of postseason passing.

The most crucial thing to remember in evaluating Bradshaw to consider is the following. He was a player in a period when scoring and getting offensive yards was one of the most difficult things in NFL history, and it’s even called the NFL scoring shortage.

Defenses in this time were stronger, more powerful, and more agile than ever. According to reports, nearly all of the NFL began to play with and use steroids during this time, and it only worsened things.

In this period, players’ pads were bigger, making it harder for athletes to slip past opponents, perform elegant moves, or do all the incredible athletic feats we can see in the present.

In addition, offenses at this time had virtually none of the protection. Defensive players could take on the quarterback at any time and hit him on any part of his body using a portion of their body and receive no consequences.

In your mind, Bradshaw was a slug all of his life and yet produced the same results as the team achieved.

In all this, one of the main reasons I rate Bradshaw highly is that his clutch performances are a major factor in my thoughts if an athlete is at their top when it is most important, and they score bonus points.

Bradshaw is the sole player in NFL history to have four late-game Super Bowl-winning drives, and he is also one of two players who win four Super Bowls. Guess which other player is on my list.

1. Joe Montana

I don’t need to write as much for this particular article. Montana is widely considered to be the most successful QB in NFL time.

Montana has won four Super Bowls, throwing more than 40,000 yards during his career. He also earned an efficiency score of 92.3.

This choice doesn’t need any explanation. I’ll expand my explanation if someone disagrees with me on this issue.

The time is now to explain to me what you think is wrong.