Top 10 Quarterbacks in NFL History


The A/R NFL area recently is sure to lead you to a debate about who is the greatest quarterback in NFL time. This is my opinion on the debate.

10. Peyton Manning

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Peyton Manning is easily in every debate about one of the best quarterbacks in football in the present. Manning is a great leader and has led his team to seven consecutive 12 winning seasons.

Manning is the holder of the NFL record for the most consecutive years with more than 4000 yards of passing, and also the most seasons total that has 4,000 or more yards of passing. Manning is also the second-highest efficiency rating ever.

Additionally, the player has his own NFL record for most consecutive seasons, with more than 25 touchdowns. He has accomplished this feat 11 times.

Manning is most famously known for his role in calling play calls on his own. Manning is extremely efficient in this role, and along with Peyton Manning, the Colts are the top 3rd and 4th-down squad in the NFL currently.

Manning is ranked the 10th overall despite these statistics; Manning has only had one Super Bowl win. Considering that Manning has had an incredible nine seasons of playoff appearances, he’s been criticized for his failure in the biggest game.