Put An Onion In Your Sock Before Bedtime – FOR YOU

Put An Onion In Your Sock Before Bedtime

The foot is considered the centre of reflexology in humans, which is a type of foot massage that focuses on specific areas in them, and each area has a treatment centre for some pathological conditions in the human body. As the energy of the entire human body, it all flows to the feet. Putting onions inside socks every night has many benefits contributing to enhancing health and getting rid of many problems. Onions contain effective elements that are able to absorb harmful bacteria and effectively clean the body. The substance, phosphorous acid, will clean the internal organs and bloodstream through the nerve endings in the foot, eliminating any bacteria that may get in its way.

The method of placing a slice of red or white onion on the bottom of the foot and fixing it by wearing socks and leaving it during the night in the hope of getting rid of the Infection after waking up from sleep, this method appeared for the first time when the plague was a fatal disease, as it was believed that it was transmitted through harmful air before it was discovered Infection through germs, and this method is one of the methods used in the science of massage in medicine.

There are 11 benefits when you put onions in your sock

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