Put An Onion In Your Sock Before Bedtime


The foot is considered the centre of reflexology in humans, which is a type of foot massage that focuses on specific areas in them, and each area has a treatment centre for some pathological conditions in the human body. As the energy of the entire human body, it all flows to the feet. Putting onions inside socks every night has many benefits contributing to enhancing health and getting rid of many problems. Onions contain effective elements that are able to absorb harmful bacteria and effectively clean the body. The substance, phosphorous acid, will clean the internal organs and bloodstream through the nerve endings in the foot, eliminating any bacteria that may get in its way.

The method of placing a slice of red or white onion on the bottom of the foot and fixing it by wearing socks and leaving it during the night in the hope of getting rid of the Infection after waking up from sleep, this method appeared for the first time when the plague was a fatal disease, as it was believed that it was transmitted through harmful air before it was discovered Infection through germs, and this method is one of the methods used in the science of massage in medicine.

There are 11 benefits when you put onions in your sock

1. Infection

Onions are considered a natural antibiotic. And by placing onions on the bottom of the feet, you transfer this benefit to any part of the body that is infected with Infection. The use of onions will increase the effectiveness of the treatment and will help to recover faster.

2. Cold treatment

 Using a raw onion recipe in socks cures a cold. Although there is no evidence of any health benefits for the raw onion in socks recipe, some claim that it actually works and is useful in treating colds

3. Detoxing

Toxins are deposits in the bloodstream, which are harmful to health as they accumulate. The phosphoric acid in onions acts as a magnet that attracts toxic substances, helping the body to get rid of them easily. By following this process regularly, you will be able to improve your health in the long run.

4. Boost the immune system

Onions are rich sources of vitamin E and C, which are important for maintaining the health of the body’s defences. In addition, these vitamins are excellent antibiotics, which means that they slow down the cellular aging process.

5. fight diseases

When the effect of onions enters the soles of the feet, it contributes to purifying the blood, preventing influenza, curing some diseases, reducing heat, stimulating the brain’s nerves, and eliminating colds. Onion’s sulphur compounds, which are known for their antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, so they were used in the past as a cure to many diseases.

6. swollen glands

Putting onion on the bottom of the foot and fixing it using a piece of light plastic before wearing socks at night before bed and leaving it until the morning is an effective treatment for swollen glands in the body.

7. Reduces the growth of bacteria

  It is an acidic food that prevents the growth of bacteria, but placing it on the feet may not allow it to withdraw the influenza virus from the body and eliminate it, thanks to the fact that it contains sulphur compounds that give onions its strong smell.

8. Menstrual pain relief

  One of the benefits of onions is also to relieve menstrual pain and to use raw onions regularly for five days before the start of menstruation, as this helps relieve pain.

9. Getting rid of cough and mucus

   Onions are a natural way to get rid of a cough, especially during the night. It is a safe way for young and old. It provides the body with antioxidants, vitamin C and hydration, which are important for the speedy recovery and helps reduce the amount of mucus that forms in the respiratory system when infected, which helps to heal quickly. Faster.

10. Cancer prevention

The organic sulphur compounds found in onions protect against cancer, as they help rid the body of cancer-causing toxins and can reduce cancer cells. Onions reduce the incidence of colon cancer and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

11. stabilization of blood sugar level

Onions can also help to balance the blood sugar level. Onions contain fibre, potassium and other micro-nutrients that help promote normal blood sugar levels.

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