Health insurance maternity benefits: what to expect


For a couple or a mother-to-be, pregnancy is an exciting time. This wonderful, life-changing occasion should be full with pleasure and excitement as you await the arrival of your new baby. Nobody wants to be in a position where they have to worry about how they are going to pay for their pregnancy and delivery. Bloom has teamed up with Momentum to provide Health4Me health insurance plans that include coverage for pregnancy and maternity.

Should you acquire maternity coverage via health insurance or medical aid?

While both alternatives are excellent and will guarantee that you get high-quality medical care during your pregnancy, health insurance is more cheap and flexible than a medical assistance plan. Members of health insurance may also use the ‘building block’ method, which means they only pay for the elements they choose for their individualized plan, such as maternity coverage. In today’s difficult economic situation, this approach may be significantly more cost-effective.

What are the maternity benefits offered by Health4Me?

While a health insurance plan is less expensive than medical assistance, it does not sacrifice the quality of treatment provided to pregnant women. At private hospitals under the authorized network plan, the maternity benefits include the following:

  • At a Momentum CareCross Network GP, all prenatal GP appointments are covered.
  • Per pregnancy, each member receives two 2D foetal growth scans.
  • Blood group, HIV, syphilis, and blood sugar testing, as indicated by your Network GP.
  • Antenatal vitamins, as provided by the Momentum CareCross Network’s active prescription formulary
  • Hello Doctor and Baby Yum Yum provide antenatal help, such as access to pregnancy and parenting information.
  • Baby Yum Yum provides antenatal and postpartum assistance from a nurse or midwife.
  • A nurse home visit the day after you come home from the hospital after giving birth, as well as a two-week follow-up visit

What exactly is a 2D foetal scan, and why should you have one?

A 2D scan (also known as an ultrasound) is a common obstetric technique for determining the health of an unborn baby. This is performed by scanning a two-dimensional picture of the baby’s body while he or she is still within the womb. A scan is completely safe for both mother and kid, and it lets the doctor to evaluate the baby’s gestation, growth, heartbeat, development, and size. It is also possible to establish the location of the placenta and cord.

Two maternity checkups, including two 2D growth scans, will be covered by your health insurance. To take advantage of this benefit, you must see a Network GP who is trained to do growth scans. Otherwise, a Network GP will send you to a gynaecologist (Gold Plan members only). The scan will be covered by the plan, however the appointment will be covered by your specialist benefit if you see a gynecologist.

The finest prenatal vitamins for a healthy pregnancy

The best approach to guarantee that you and your baby receive all of the vitamins and minerals you need is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. However, we all fall short from time to time, so you may be given vitamins to improve your health and keep the baby safe. Depending on your specific demands and circumstances, you may be advised to:

  • Folic acid (also known as folate) is a water-soluble vitamin B. It’s found in foods like leafy greens, beef, and orange juice, and it’s especially important for pregnant women to consume to avoid neural tube problems like spina bifida.
  • Iron supplements are beneficial to the placenta and fetus’ growth. It also aids in the production of blood and the prevention of anemia by assisting the body in producing blood to deliver oxygen to the foetus.
  • Pregnant women who need at least 1000mg of calcium per day should take calcium supplements, which may be found in most dairy products.
  • Magnesium aids in the growth of the fetus and may help avoid preeclampsia.
  • Vitamin D, which has been shown to aid with a variety of pregnancy issues, including gestational diabetes.
  • Vitamin C, which can be found in citrus fruits and green vegetables, may help improve your immune system while also lowering your risk of skin, bone, and tissue deficiencies.

Yum Yum, baby? South Africa’s No. 1 Parenting Portal

Baby Yum Yum, a prominent parenting site that was developed to give a secure area for new moms to share, learn, debate, and contribute to all things relevant to pregnancy and parenthood, is offering professional support to Health4Me users. The site serves as a multi-faceted platform for all parents, empowering and supporting women and their children. All of your parenting queries and concerns, such as what goods to purchase or how to change a diaper, may be directed to the Baby Yum Yum team.

How much does having a baby at a hospital cost?

When it comes to giving birth, having access to high-quality medical care is critical. If you decide to give birth in a hospital, Health4Me provides a maternity lump sum plan to cover your delivery, ensuring that both mother and child get the finest possible care at this time. For each day you stay in the hospital, the in-hospital cash benefit for pregnancy-related issues will pay you a daily sum (provided this does not exceed 48 hours). The hospital cash benefit and the maternity lump sum benefit each year cover a maximum payment of R20,000 per member. This benefit has waiting periods, so please verify with our advisers before planning your pregnancy.

What is the cost of health insurance with maternity benefits?

Bloom Financial Services has teamed up with Momentum’s Health4Me initiative, which offers low-cost health insurance to consumers on a tight budget. The most basic health insurance plan costs just R485 per month. You may be confident that you will be protected throughout your pregnancy and delivery if you contact one of our advisers for medical insurance quotes.