Top 10 Signs to Predict Your Baby’s Gender Early


If you haven’t confirmed the gender of your little one yet today and going over the sides that could help you determine your new born baby can be a little boy or girl .

After you are reading all of this 10 secrets signs , i sure you will are getting out with the answer.

1.How and where you carry weights

Is how you carry your bump slash overall weight they say if you’re all belly if your belly sticking out far it’s a sign of a boy and if your bump is a little smaller and the weights is a little bit more dispersed that it’s a sign of a girl.

I think you are close to knowing the gender of your child, for being sure l’ets see the next signs

2.Pregnancy glow

If people are saying you got that pregnancy glow you could be carrying a little boy if you’re looking tired and you maybe have some hormonal acne flare-ups and no one’s saying you look good it could be a sign of a little girl the old wives tale say that little girls steal your beauty I don’t think your baby has any ill will towards you I’m gonna chalk it up to the increased hormone levels women experienced more often with little girls.

3.There morning sickness

Morning sickness is related to increased levels of hormones so the more severe your morning sickness it could be a sign of a little girl. little to no morning sickness it could be a boy.

4.Linea Nigra

I think I’m saying that right so the Linea Nigra is that brown line that you get on your belly when you are pregnant and as your bump grows the larger your bump grows the more defined the Linea Nigra becomes now this is very dependent on skin tone more tan skin types tend to have more defined Linea Nigri’s as your belly bump grows larger the Linea and Nigra becomes darker and defined so they say that if your Linea Nigra remains south of the border south of your belly button and remains small that it’s a girl and if it extends north of the belly button wall that it is a sign of a boy the recipes I’m not a hundred percent sure what they could medically be related to but here are the remaining old wives tales or legends that can help you guess the gender of your baby.

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5. Moody or chill

If you’re feeling extra hormonal and moody this pregnancy it could be a little girl if you’re feeling more laid-back and chill you could have a little bro in.

6.Your Hair

If your hair has pretty much remained the same then it’s a girl if your hair is growing super long and thick not only on your head but all over your body that could be a sign of a boy just want to toss in that this was abundantly clear when I was pregnant with twin boys because I was growing hair in places that I didn’t even know had follicles.

7.Sweet vs salty

Craving sweets means you are having a girl and craving salty foods or protein items means a boy.

During my pregnancy i always craved “ROCK CANDY STICKS”(is a kind of sweets)

8.Urine color

This indicator could just be an indicator that you need to hydrate yourself but you’re here in color bright yellow is a boy and dull yellow is a girl, either way, please go drink some water.

9. HCG Levels

Which is the pregnancy hormone HCG is generally higher for mothers who are carrying female fetuses compared to male fetuses and those hormone levels remain higher throughout the pregnancy as well this has been scientifically proven but there are always exceptions because every mother and baby is so different but here are the signs that are hormonally related that can help you indicate if it’s a boy or a girl.


If you’re all of a sudden becoming a klutz in your pregnancy supposedly that means it’s a boy but if you’re still sturdy and strong as ever supposedly that indicates a girl.

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If you are not sure about gender of your baby ; Take a small look at some fun old wives tales tests you can do

Garlic test

Eat a ton of garlic and supposedly if you don’t smell any different it’s a girl, and if you do smell pungent of garlic then it’s a boy.

The pupil test

Go to a mirror look at it for a minute if your pupils are dilating it’s a sign of a boy if they’re remaining pretty much the same it’s a sign of a girl it could also just be the lighting in your bathroom, if it’s by a window and clouds, are moving fast or if Lighting’s changing for whatever reason that would
make your pupils dilate differently.

The ring test

I have friends that swear this was accurate for them it’s the wittiest of them all and I also think the most fun take a strand of your hair tie a ring around it and then lay on the floor and have a friend dangle the strand of hair with the ring on it over your belly girl vibes will make the ring swing in circles and boy vibes will make the ring swing side to side again.