7 Shocking Risks About Teen Pregnancy.


Oh! Pregnant accidentally? Do you do not know about it? What consequences may occur? No proper education about physical interaction of boys and girls. Or you didn’t pay attention to the sex education class. Now, you are depressed and stressed. You may be crying but why cry on spilt milk?
Your child is scared to share it with you, or unfortunately, you didn’t have that sort of comfort level with your child to teach them about sex education.
Now, all you can do is make the appropriate decision and avoid severe other risk factors.
Teenage Pregnancy Risk Factors – Quite Popular!

1.Premature Childbirth

The most common highly risked factor of early age pregnancy is premature birth of a baby, due to low birth weight. It becomes complicated for the baby. In this case, the child has to stay under observation for several days. Later on, if the child survives may face many complications in brain functions, then, as well as breathing problem, i.e. Asthma.

2.Social and Emotional Challenges

A girl who gets pregnant before getting married faces negative attitudes of the society and she have to isolate herself to avoid all those judgments. Health line may decline. Also, she may experience severe depression and anxiety or sometimes emotional traumas. Her social life may decrease. Maintaining your social life during a teen pregnancy would be a lot more complicated. The social circle may become very limited, and your friends may start avoiding you. You may get mood swings and feel less energized, etc.

3.Diet and Healthy Nutrition Concern

A teen mom-to-be must consume extra vitamins, proteins, fibres and carbohydrates to maintain their and health of their baby. It must be a real concern and shall be taken very seriously. An adolescent parent should follow a diet plan for proper growth of the baby and maintain her health too.

4.Blood-Related Concern and Anemia

The physical effect of teenage pregnancy may cause anaemia in the child. Iron deficiency is widespread nowadays in teenagers, especially in girls. Iron deficiency cause anaemia. Which causes shortness of breath, low blood pressure and dizziness. These are some of the signs of anaemia, which can be a significant cause of having a baby with anaemia or other blood-related concerns or premature birth.

5.Sexually transmitted disease / sexually transmitted infections

It could not be just because you are pregnant in teenage so you may have STD’s / STI’s. Unfortunately, it may be because you are still in contact with your partner physically. It can affect the fetus, and that disease can be developed. [Sexually transmitted infection (STI) means a person has sexually transmitted infection, but it is not converted into a bug right now].

6.Infant Morality

Teenage girls are themselves in a phase of getting out of childhood, and they do not know how to take care of a baby when she isn’t matured yet. She may not know about the post-natal care. On the other hand, she is also facing emotional and social challenges which can increase the risk of neonatal death.

7.Not Comfortable With Parents To Share Your Feelings

Strict parents or less understanding. Moreover, when you are unable to share with them your feelings or random stuff which you do daily. Mostly, teenage girls hide their news of pregnancy from their parents for a long time until it becomes physically visible to your parents, but the early months of pregnancy are the most critical period of the pregnancy in which the most care needs to be taken. Usually, parent does not feel free to tell children about sex education which might causes problems for their children. Parents shall take this as apart of nurturing and help future generations to become more confident!