13 Foods And Drinks To Avoid During Pregnancy – FOR YOU

13 Foods And Drinks To Avoid During Pregnancy

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Now you are pregnant and you may crave for food, that’s normal. You may also want to eat whatever you want as you are  technically eating for two people. But, you’d better be careful and cautious. There are some foods and drinks that should be avoided and limited during pregnancybecause of some risks to the safety of your baby. Eating some foods and drinks can increase the harm to your health.

Here are 13 foods and drinks every pregnant must avoid. DON’T MISS NUMBER 4

1. Coffee :

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Almost everyone consumes coffee daily. However, Doctors advise avoiding coffee during pregnancy. It contains caffeine which affectsthe health of your baby. Also, It may lead to miscarriage in themonths of pregnancy.There are plenty of drinks to consume instead of coffee. Your baby’shealth first. NUMBER 4 WIL SURPRISE YOU

2. High sodium foods:

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Pregnant women usually crave salty food, and they consume very highamounts of these foods. You should know that  Salty foods may be risky to you and your babyas well, in other words, women who eat foods that are high in sodiummay experience water retention and swelling.Doctors recommend consuming less than 2300mg per day of sodium. NUMBER 4 EVERY PREGNANT EAT IT

3. Alcohol:

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It is safest not to consume alcohol during pregnancy, not even asingle drop. Alcohol can harm you and your baby, experts adviseavoiding it also during breastfeeding. It may affect the healthydevelopment of the baby. Some women think that alcohol drinksb can be consumedafter birth which is wrong. The effects of alcohol can be transferredto your baby through breastfeeding.

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