12 signs you need more magnesium+BONUS TIPS – FOR YOU

12 signs you need more magnesium+BONUS TIPS

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There is only few nutrients that offer health benefits as magnesium. Magnesium affects over 300 enzymes, also cells, muscles, and nerves performance. In addition, it helps regulate blood pressure. Besides, it refreshes the metabolism of macromolecules and calcium.

Magnesium deficiency is comparatively common and might result in several diseases.

Why is it thus difficult to induce enough magnesium in our diet?

According to physiology expert Rune Eliasson, the mineral levels in our food have been decreased dramatically over the last years because of industrial farming.

Another explanation for magnesium deficiency is that the indisputable fact that individuals have modified their diets, and rarely eat foods like beans, seeds, fish, nuts, and left green vegetables, all excellent sources of magnesium.

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