11 Things That The Pregnant Women Should Never Do During Pregnancy!

There are certain belongings you shouldn’t do when you’re pregnant. I don’t mean drinking wine or snarfing sushi. I mean dumb everyday belongings you should avoid for your health and sanity.

I did all of them. I used to be stupid. don’t make equivalent mistakes like me.

1. Do not stress over stretch marks.

You will probably get them and you will go to search for best stretch mark cream or permanent stretch mark removal so the prevention is better than cure.
The primary ones will cause you to cry. I got mine on my boobs and ran upstairs in tears to inform my mother-in-law. She laughed at me. I assumed she was insensitive. Now I do know she was right. Your body is stretching, hence stretch marks. they’re going to fade. Or they’re going to appear as if tiger stripes. You earned that shit in battle, girl. Don’t bemoan them

2. Do not travel.

Just don’t. First, you’ve got to pack, then you’ve got to pack some more, then you’ve got to scramble around gathering everything you forgot to pack. Afterward, you’re either stuck in an airplane or a car, where you’ll need to rise and pee approximately every 10 minutes, annoying everyone who isn’t pregnant. once you reach your destination, there’ll not be nearly enough pillows, and therefore the smell of the restaurants will cause you to sick. Just stay range in your own safe pillow nest the maximum amount as possible. Try to not move for nine months. It’s good for you.

If your travel is necessary, here are these tips travel :

1. Purchase Travel Insurance For a Pregnancy.

2. Bring Your Medical Records with You.

3. Stay Hydrated

4. Stay Hydrated

5. Book an Aisle Seat When You Fly

3. Do not move furniture.

My husband was gone. I wanted the changing table, which was an Allen bar, to travel from the hallway (where it had been within the way) to the nursery (where it might still not be out of the way). I used to be 6 months pregnant. Logically, I should have waited. But my pregnant mind said this had to happen now. So I tugged. I pushed. I picked up one find yourself rolled, dropping the solid-wood thing on my toe and ripping the nail. I wrapped that sucker during a towel and kept pushing. Thirty minutes later, my changing table was installed. My husband was livid. I used to be exhausted. Plus my toe hurt.

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4. Do not wear a tankini.

With my first son, I whined about how fat I used to be from the primary trimester ’til the time that baby came out. once we visited the pool, I concealed my shameful, shameful fatness underneath a tankini, the sole suit that might accommodate my belly. I used to be smarter with my second son. When else, aside from pregnant, did I even have such an enormous gorgeous belly? I swapped that wuss-ass tankini for a bikini that fit my boobs. I looked fabulous. you’ll too.

5. Do not skimp on the pillows.

 I needed six-two at my head, one on all sides to cuddle, and one on all sides to wedge my belly and thighs on. This was very stupid. Instead, I should have sucked it up and Amazoned one among those crazy U-shaped maternity pillows that cost the moon but offer ultimate comfort. you’re pregnant. You deserve this thing.

6. Do not hesitate to deploy the “I’m Pregnant” card.

You are growing a person’s being. this is often a number of the toughest work, evolutionarily, that humanity can do. So you need to get what you would like. Want to eat out? Pregnant. Want to remain in? Pregnant. Want to travel check out baby clothes? Pregnant, pregnant, pregnant.

7. Do not eschew the baby shower.

I figured that I had everything I needed, and I didn’t want to travel through the deal of being the middle of attention. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Take every chance for free of charge baby shit that you simply can, including those stupidly named “Sprinkles” for second and third babies, because baby crap is dear and each gift is some things you don’t need to buy. they’re going to also get you those super-impractical, super-adorable outfits from Ye Old Baby Big Box Store that you simply can’t and won’t buy, but that you simply secretly love. Also, there’ll be cake, and therefore the surgeon general recommends pregnant women consume the maximum amount of cake as possible. I promise I’m not making this up as justification to snarf chocolate icing.

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8. Do not forget to drink a glass of wine before you hit the large box baby store.

I walked in, took one shop around, and burst into tears. My baby needed what proportion shit to survive?!I cried the entire car ride home. Then I sat down and made an inventory of what I needed to shop for. this stuff included clothes (thrift store!), diapers (online), a baby carrier, and a swing. We got the baby carrier at a locally owned store and therefore the swing at the large box one. But with an agenda, I wasn’t so overwhelmed.

9. Do not be too wedded to a birth plan.

I had a Plan: I might attend the birth center once I had to, then I might get within the warm water. I might labor gently, to the sounds of my favorite music, until my son came softly into the planet and stared at me from underwater before I lifted him out for his first breath like he was Simba. My only pain relief would be counter-pressure on my back. I might eat and drink. I might breastfeed immediately and head home in four hours, and everything would be unicorns and magic fairy dust and good labor vibes. Except I ended up with back labor, transported to the hospital in terrible pain, dehydrated, confined to the bed, unable to eat, and had to push for 3 freaking hours. This wasn’t the hypnobirthing i used to be trying to find, and that I had to offer myself space to mourn the loss. I could have avoided that by being more flexible about my expectations from the start.

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10. Do not forget to rent a doula.

Find one who comes highly recommended from your local Facebook moms group and has interaction with her services for the birth and therefore the night after. She’ll confirm you recognize what your birthing options are, assist you to birth the way you would like to, and do random chores, like sneak you a Coke while the nurses aren’t looking. Then after the baby’s born, she will hang around and help while you hold the baby and nurse. If you opt to sleep, your partner can sleep also while she holds the baby. this is often invaluable. it’s going to sound awkward or weird, but trust me, you won’t regret this.

11. Do not get a replacement pet.

You’re pregnant. You don’t have the fucking time to potty train a puppy, nor the power to urge off the couch that fast. We adopted a German shepherd mix while I used to be pregnant with my third son, and though he figured out swimmingly, his first few months within the house were filled with upheaval. Not fair to him. And not fair to me, who suddenly had two kids and two dogs to stay alive. a tough and fast rule of pregnancy: Minimize the amount of life-forms you’re liable for. Trust me.

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